• Raw fish
  • Table ready for the guests
  • Sipping water in a glass



…and experience the innovative Japanese cuisine reimagined under a modern gastronomic lens surrounded by sober and elegant decor Japanese architecture and artwork, hostess’s ambiance in a casual and relaxing Lounge orchestrates a moment to remember.

Inspired by ancient Japanese Philosophy, the word 'TEN' mean Heavenly Sky, a divine. Indulge into the Harmonious flavors, combination of exceptional ingredients, delicate textures, dedicated to great subtlety and technical skill, yet remain true to their authentic flavors. Exquisitely presented like paintings on antique tableware, every single one of Chef Kiyotaka Kimura's dishes makes you pause and embrace the moment.
We endeavored to offer a glimpse into the culinary creations of renowned Japanese culinary philosophy under the mastery of chef Kiyotaka Kimura, chef Santo San, and chef Nikki San, their passion for reinterpretation of classic 'bringing nature to the plate' In a haute cuisine to create a widely varied course and is brimming with originality that is rooted in history, serving as a trigger to open the door to a new era.